Beach Guide

Puerto Vallarta is blessed with a seemingly endless number of beautiful beaches. From wide open soft white sand beaches to small rock surrounded coves.

About Puerto Vallarta Beaches

  • There are over 40 different, individual beaches. Each Puerto Vallarta beach has its own unique ambiance and qualities, and there is something in Puerto Vallarta for somewhere for water lovers from all walks of life.
  • Everything from snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, windsurfing, and fishing can be found along these shores of Puerto Vallarta’s beaches.
  • The most popular beach by far is Los Muertos, located just south of the Rio Cuale, in Old Town. Weekends on this beach can be incredible.
  • The northern beaches, on the road to Punta de Mita are full of beach side restaurants featuring fresh seafood of all kinds. This area also offers some great surfing with the right swell. These beaches are generally less crowded than the city beaches and make for a great side trip for a day of relaxing and munching.The southern beaches are also very beautiful and usually much less crowded.

Puerto Vallarta Playa de los muertos beach offers access to everything from shopping to great local cuisinePlaya de los Muertos

Puerto Vallarta’s most popular beach is the Playa de los Muertos. It offers guests a bit of everything that people normally think of when they travel to Mexico.

It is actually located in Old Town Puerto Vallarta, and is surrounded by the neighborhood of Olas Atlas. This beach really gives you access to everything from shopping, to water sports, to great local cuisine. Find has sunbathing, banana boat rides, parasailing, and restaurants just a few steps away from any spot.

Because it is a favorite spot for the local people, it is also a great place for locals and guests to enjoy a day in the sun together.

Many of Puerto Vallarta’s more well-known hotels are located on this beach, offering guests breathtaking views of the sunset (reputed by many to be the best in the city) and providing as well safe and convenient access to dining and nightlife in any one of the many beachfront bars.

Northern Puerto Vallarta Beaches

Most people who prefer peace and quiet over large crowds tend to travel north of Puerto Vallarta.

Northern Puerto Vallarta beaches offer quite and peaceful atmosphere to touristsNorthern Puerto Vallarta beaches have been impacted much less by tourism. They offer amazing views of the Sunset over Banderas Bay. For surfers, they also have some of the most powerful surf. Winds along these beaches combine with the waves in such a way as to make them ideal for windsurfing.

One of the more popular beaches just north of Puerto Vallarta is Playa de Oro. It has a wide, sandy shoreline broken up occasionally by small rocky areas. Locals love this beach as much as guests. Its central location to the Marina and Puerto Vallarta itself make it a something of a hub for a wide diversity of water sports.

Two more of Puerto Vallarta’s more popular northern beaches are Destiladeras and Los Venaderos. Both have ideal water conditions for snorkeling. Also, The Las Marietas Islands, located just offshore, have been preserved as bird sanctuaries by the Mexican government. Bird lovers can rent boats on both beaches and travel out to these islands.

Southern Puerto Vallarta Beaches

South of Puerto Vallarta, the Sierra Madre Mountains extend up to the sea in places. Here, there are many small coves and hidden beaches tucked away in pockets of a partly-rocky, partly sandy shoreline. The smaller coves are great places for couples to take walks and watch the sunsets.

The larger cove beaches have been developed over recent years. Playa de Mismaloya was once an open expanse of private, sandy shoreline. Now, there are hotels and villas located all along the shoreline. This has not diminished its popularity, however, because everyone in Puerto Vallarta knows where Mismaloya is, and loves it.

For lovers of the remote and primitive, the last Puerto Vallarta beach that can be reached by road is Boca de Tomatlan. This is a great beach for swimming, and also the place to come to rent pangas to go on to the even more remote beaches of Yepala, Las Animas or Quimixto.