There are several modern Puerto Vallarta hospitals and health care facilities, so finding a good one will never be a problem. The most popular Puerto Vallarta hospitals for North American tourists were created by the joint effort of Mexican and American doctors for the care of American and Canadian travelers in Mexico. These modern Puerto Vallarta hospitals use the latest technology, have a mostly English-speaking staff, and accept health insurance issued in the United States.

Popular Puerto Vallarta Hospitals

Amerimed Puerto Vallarta Hospital: 322 221-002

All Doctors are US Board certified. The hospital is open 24 hours and offers emergency and urgent care. Amerimed Trauma Center offers U.S.-trained paramedic personnel in their ambulances. They also have air evacuation services to Guadalajara, Mexico and the United States.

Hospital San Javier Marina: 322 226-1010

This Puerto Vallarta hospital is equivalent to a level one trauma center. Their emergency room and ICU are staffed 24 hours a day and use the latest equipment and technology. Hospital San Javier Marina is considered the best medical institution in the city.

Another great Puerto Vallarta hospital is Hospital Cornerstone. This is a state-of-the-art level IV trauma center with CAT scan and MRI machines, cardiac services, dialysis and an international services department. Hospital Conerstone boasts a bi-lingual staff and accepts most U.S. and Canadian insurance.

Puerto Vallarta Hospital Directory

Hospital San Javier Marina, S.A De C.V. 01 322 226 1011
Francisco Medina Ascencio 52 322 226 1000
Clinica San Antonio De Vallarta 01 33 3224 9898
Hospital Versalles de Puerto Vallarta 01 33 3224 9898 /2249292
Centro Medico qulrurgico De Vallarta 01 322 223 1919 /2223572
Clinica De Reabilitacion Vallarta Santa Barbara 01 322 294 3365
Hospital Cornerstone 01 322 224 9400
San Javier Marina 01 322 226 1010
Jesus Flores Hospital CMQ 01 322 223 1919
Hospital Medasist 01 322 223 0444
Médico de la Bahia 01 322 222 2627
Regional Hospital 01 322 224 4000

Non-Hospital Medical Care and Clinics in Puerto Vallarta

Fire Department 01 322 222 0520
Police Emergency Dial 060
Clinica Chiropractor 01 322 222 0022
Dr. Ignacio Gomez Gutierrez- Dental 01 322 222 5359
Intensive Care Ambulance 01 322 225 0386 /2221533
Red Cross 01 322 222 1533
Med-Link Air Ambulance 01 322 221 220

Pharmacies in Puerto Vallarta

Most pharmacies are open 24 hours and sell most non-narcotic drugs without a prescription. Purchasing drugs from Mexican pharmacies is usually a lot less expensive than in the U.S.A.

CMQ: Basilio Badillo 01 322 222 2941
Farmica California 01 322 225 0635
Farmacia de Guadalajara: (24 hrs) 01 322 222 0101
Lux: Insurgentes 51 01 322 222 1909
Vallarta: Juarez 547 01 322 222 0004

Medications offered by Puerto Vallarta pharmacies:

Amoxicillin, Cephalexin, cialis, cipro, lmitrex, loprerssor, penicillin, phentermine, prilosec, prednisone, premarin, fosamax, ultram, soma, synthroid, Tagamet, zantac ,viaga and zithromax.

Puerto Vallarta Hospital Tips

  • Make sure you’re your insurance policy covers you outside of the United States. If it doesn’t, purchase travel insurance.
  • Carry your insurance card with you at all times.
  • Medicare insurance does not cover your Puerto Vallarta hospital services.
  • Insurance can take as much up to 24 hours and a guarantee of payment must be received by the hospital in order for them to accept insurance.
  • A deposit will be required for all Puerto Vallarta hospital admissions. You can pay the deposit in pesos or with a credit card. If your health insurance requires a deductible or co-pay payment, cash or credit card will be accepted.
  • If you don’t wish to receive blood or blood products, inform the staff when you or your family is filling out admissions forms.
  • Bring with you a list of any allergies, the name of any medications that you are taking and the name of your physician.
  • The hospital admissions department should contact your consulate and advise them that you are in a Puerto Vallarta hospital. They will then contact you to answer any questions you have.