Travel Tips

Public Phone Charges

Beware of the phones plastered all over some towns, usually in front of businesses, marked “TO CALL LONG DISTANCE TO THE USA & CANADA, SIMPLY DIAL 0.”  The signs have black writing with USA in blue letters and CANADA in red letters and pictures of credit cards.  The phones are installed by a private phone company and are VERY, VERY EXPENSIVE.

More Useful Phone Numbers

When dialing a 7 digit (local) phone numbers you must first dial 011 52 (322) from the U.S. and Canada.

Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles (213) 351-6800
Mexican Consulate in San Francisco (415) 392-2897
Mexican Consulate in San Diego (619) 231-0337
Jalisco State Tourist Information Office 221-2676
Marina Vallarta Phone: 221-0275, Fax: 221-0722