Staying in a Puerto Vallarta condo offers a number of advantages over staying in a hotel or even an all-inclusive resort. Condos are more private and generally removed from the busier parts of the city. While never far from the action, they keep you far enough from the parties and crowds so you can have your dreamtime, your peace and quiet, and your good night’s sleep guaranteed. Puerto Vallarta condos are usually located in very scenic areas, or at a vantage point that allows you to overlook one or more scenic area from a panoramic perspective.

It is always good to find yourself a Puerto Vallarta condo that is somewhat equidistant from the main part of town and from the beach. Even if you are not someone who wants to get in the water, there are a number of activities and attractions located along the shoreline that you are not going to want to miss. There are plenty of affordable condos located within reasonable walking distance of the more popular beaches, so you will not have to spend money on cab far or wait for a rental car to arrive.

Puerto Vallarta condos can range from the humble to the opulent. If you are on a budget, you can find a unit that offers you pricing equivalent to that of a modest hotel. More spacious and luxuriant dwellings will of course cost more money, but this may be what you need if you are entertaining a group of people, planning a wedding, or traveling with business associates. The more elegance Puerto Vallarta condominiums typically offer on-site, English speaking staff and made service several times a week. This gives you all the pampering you can expect from larger resorts, but it is delivered on a much more personal level.

Almost all Puerto Vallarta condos now have wireless Internet access. Since PV is a popular place for executives to take retreats, bring top performing teams, and entertain clients, wireless access is a necessity here, not an optional luxury. Other modern conveniences include purified water, AC, and a variety of audio/video equipment. Again, you get what you pay for when it comes to some of these luxuries, but the money you invest is always well worth it because these condos are immaculately maintained and frequently remodeled.

In terms of style and design, expect a good blend of new and old when it comes to the way your Puerto Vallarta condo looks and feels. PV is famous for its loyalty to traditional Mexican and Spanish architectural forms, so most units have a very traditional look to their exterior. However, more contemporary architectural elements are commonly integrated into traditional motifs, particularly when it comes to interior architecture. Since PV is famous among celebrities, it does tend to attract not only movie stars, but also architects and designers who bring a wealth of creative talent to this unique gem of the Pacific Coast.

Other attributes typical of Puerto Vallarta condo are private terraces, swimming pools, spacious rooms with period and historical furnishing themes, and off-street parking for rental cars. Almost every unit you rent in PV, regardless of location, is going to be situated from a vantage point that gives you one or more panoramic views of the ocean, the mountains, or the Marina.

When it comes to making the most of a vacation in Puerto Vallarta and to getting your money’s worth out of a unique and personal experience, consider the benefits offered by a condo whose décor and location uniquely fits your expectation for the trip of a lifetime.