One of the best reasons to spend your vacation in Puerto Vallarta is for the wide diversity of vacation villas it offers. These lodgings combine privacy, luxury, unique amenities, and convenient access to hotspots and activities. Many also offer a wide range of personal services in addition to their many amenities, and all are located near key points of interest that make Puerto Vallarta one of the best travel destinations in the world.

Puerto Vallarta Luxury Villas

The term “Puerto Vallarta luxury villas” is not a hollow term used for promoting vacation rentals. Instead, it is a true description of the type of quality people can expect when they make a decision to pay top dollar for a resort-quality experience in the intimate settings of a private residence.

Many of these luxury villas are in reality custom-built mansions ranging up to 15,000 square feet in size. Full-time staff reside on premises to make sure that every desire is anticipated and fulfilled.

Breathtaking views of the ocean and Puerto Vallarta are available from every window and terrace, and décor and amenities with a highly artistic element combined with modern convenience make luxury villas the best option for people looking to invest in a dream come true that is uniquely their own and personalized to their individual tastes.

Villas for Sale

In Puerto Vallarta, you will find some of the most luxurious and beautiful villas for sale anywhere in Mexico. South of the city, you will find villas for sale in the mountains that come all the way down to the sea. North of the city, you can find villas that put you close to all the great water sports that northern Bay of Banderas is known for.

You can also count on finding a villa that is perfectly sized according to your lifestyle, budget, and personal sensibilities. There are luxury condos, cozy two bedroom and three bedroom units, and huge custom homes that overlook the city and the ocean. Every day, more Puerto Vallarta villas are built and go up for sale, and in spite of all the negative press that the media mongers here in the states are saying about Mexico, PV is nowhere close to slowing down. People continue to be drawn here for vacation, and this are still remains one of the most popular places anywhere to invest in real estate.

Developers have long valued Puerto Vallarta for its combination of natural beauty and diversity of activities. PV has a reputation for skillfully blending the best elements of luxury and tourism side by side with the traditional and simple Mexican way of life. Villas for sale here represent both a personal and a financial investment.

Owning your own property means you can come here anytime you feel like fishing, golfing, exploring the mountains, basking on the beach, or taking a boat to one of the far southern shores of Banderas Bay.

A villa gives you privacy while still keeping you close to the type of action you find most enjoyable. The best way to purchase a Puerto Vallarta villa is to share your requirements with a real estate agent directly. Let him or her look around and contact you as soon as it goes up for sale. Most properties are already purchased by the time they list, so be proactive and look behind the scenes, rather than at the front of the headlines.

Puerto Vallarta villas are built with a wide range of architectural styles from which you can choose. Some are very contemporary, intended for sale to people who want all the modern luxuries and amenities the high life has to offer. Others look like homes that local residents inhabit, complete with traditional Spanish architecture and tucked away from all the hustle in quiet little places you have to know about to find. Some of the larger custom homes for sale have been built by world famous architects and feature a blend of traditional architecture on the outside and a full suite of luxury appliances and conveniences on the interior.

As the real estate market continues to boom along Mexico’s Pacific Coast, now is the time to start looking for a Puerto Vallarta villa that can be your true home away from home. Stop spending money on rentals and hotels and find a villa for sale. The style, comfort, and accommodations you invest in will be yours for life (or until you sell it for more money than you invested), and the highly personal touch it will add to every vacation will open up a whole new dimension of experience every time you visit PV.

Vacation dreams become reality when you rent a beautiful Puerto Vallarta timeshare. Timeshares offer so much more than other lodging options with full kitchens and extra bedrooms. It’s the best option for those traveling with large groups or families.