Dolphin Swims



Dolphin Trainer for a Day

From $75 per person
If you love dolphins or have ever thought about being a dolphin trainer, the adventure of a lifetime awaits you in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico! The Trainer for a Day program gives you the chance to spend an exciting day working beside the dolphin trainers and learn everything they know about these amazing animals. Join this once in a lifetime experience today and add a thrill to your family vacation!
Dolphin Trainer for a Day in Puerto Vallarta

Dolphin Encounter

From $75 per person
Learn, explore and have fun on your first Nuevo Vallarta dolphin encounter. This interactive dolphin program allows non-swimmers to learn more about dolphins while standing in waist-deep water in the seawater lagoon at the dolphin center in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. A great family friendly activity that everyone will love!
ATV tours are very popular in Puerto Vallarta

Dolphin Swim Experience

From $75 per person
Dolphin Adventure Center in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico is home to more than 25 Pacific Bottlenose dolphins. This swim experience gives you the opportunity to talk, touch, play and swim with these gentle and amazing marine mammals. An exciting family friendly adventure that will leave everyone with unforgettable memories!
ATV tours are very popular in Puerto Vallarta

Family Dolphin Experience

From $75 per person
fantastic family friendly adventure that allows you to enjoy the Nuevo Vallarta dolphin interactive program with the entire family. This dolphin encounter is available for parents with children aged 3 years and under. A true family affair that lets you and your loved ones hug and kiss the dolphins while in the water on a shallow platform. This tour makes a great addition to an already perfect family vacation!
Family dolphin swim tours are very popular in Puerto Vallarta

Dolphin Encounter

From $69 per person
The dolphin Encounter program is great for people of all ages! It allows you and your family to swim with the dolphins in their home of the Pacific Ocean. While on this encounter, you will be able to pet the dolphins, share a handshake, and even watch them swim and dance. The encounter program is a great way to interact with these tender playful animals in their naturaul habitat.
Dolphin Encounter Puerto Vallarta

Dolphin Royal Swim

From $129 per person
The Dolphin Royal Swim is a one of a kind experience. The dolphins will offer you a handshake and kisses, and then your swimming experience with them will begin. They will pull you along as you hold their dorsal tow, then then will propel you to the water’s surface giving you a flight like experience.
Dolphin Royal Swim Puerto Vallarta

Dolphin Swim Adventure

From $99 per person
The Dolphin Swim Adventure allows you to join the dolphins in their world and swim with them. The dolphins will interact with you by playing, singing, kissing you, and even offering a friendly handshake. They also will take you for a ride on their belly, and jump all around you. Not only will you get to swim with the dolphins, you will get to ride a boodie board that they will pull through the water.
Dolphin Swim Adventure Puerto Vallarta



Sea Lion Discovery

From $79 per person
The Sea Lion Discovery will allow you to get up close and personal with some of the cutest marine animals, sea lions! You will get to learn about them, swim with them, feed them, and pet them. This experience will be a memory you will cherish forever.
Sea Lion Discovery Puerto Vallarta