Events and Weddings

Puerto Vallarta events include musical performances, cultural events, religious celebrations, parties and more.

Check out our calendar of events in Puerto Vallarta or find out how to plan your own event in Puerto Vallarta like a wedding, spring break adventure or family reunion.

Cultural Events in Puerto Vallarta

There are many things to do and cultural events to attend in Puerto VallartaExperience the high culture of Pacific Coast Mexico each week at various locations throughout Puerto Vallarta. Events are held every week that include plays in the local amphitheater, wine tasting, and ballet. Sometimes there are tours of some of the city’s more elaborate and famous homes, and benefit dinners are frequently held for local charitable causes.

Musical Events in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta musical events are popularDowntown Puerto Vallarta is home to all sorts of musical events, both traditional and international. Clubs like the world famous Hard Rock Café have shows throughout the week for the dedicated rock-and-roller. Jazz is available at locations like La Dolce Vida, and Latin music of all kinds, including Cuban music, can be heard in a number of downtown clubs all conveniently located in a safe, accessible central area.

There are also dozens of clubs scattered throughout the Hotel Zone and the Marina area. On any given night of the week, visitors staying in these parts of Puerto Vallarta can find events featuring traditional Mexican Folk Music, Blues, and even a British pub with a touch of the Scottish and the Irish.

Create your Own Puerto Vallarta Event

Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place to get married if you want natural beauty and a true touch of authentic culture as the backdrop for your special day.  Both religious and secular services for Puerto Vallarta weddings are available.

Puerto Vallarta event planners can help you plan and develop a theme for the wedding, family reunion, or bachelor party that  speaks to your values, feelings, and personality.