Vacation Packages

Puerto Vallarta vacation packages continue to attract visitors from all over the world. In spite of media distortion about the current state of affairs in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta travel and destination package sales remain consistently high, and reports of great memories and happy times continue to come across the desks of travel agents every week. Puerto Vallarta represents the best blend of the old of the new, and vacation packages that give you the best bang for your buck provide you with access to some of the most beautiful scenery in Mexico, a glimpse into authentic, traditional Mexican life devoid of touristic trappings, and a plethora of activities that include golf, fishing, sailing, snorkeling, eco-tours, and shopping.

One of the main reasons people invest their money in a Puerto Vallarta vacation package is because it offers a fixed price that allows them to enjoy as many things as possible at a predictable rate of spending. There are packages geared toward those who are water enthusiasts that include scuba lessons, snorkeling, and water tours. Others prefer to explore inland to visit remote villages and jungle destinations. Still others want to learn something new, and prefer an all-inclusive that offers classes in yoga, traditional dance, Spanish language, and bartending.

Flight fare and accommodations are included in every Puerto Vallarta vacation package. For people who prefer to travel to Mexico by water, arrangements can be made to book a trip on an ocean cruise rather than an airline. Different times of the year offer different prices and different amenities included in these vacation packages. While the weather here is good year round, certain activities such as fishing have peak seasons, so it is always a good idea to check with a travel agent to see what specials and promotions are being run by the many resorts, hotels, and villas that populate the area.

Eating, drinking, and making merry are important elements of any vacation. Packages in all-inclusive Puerto Vallarta resorts offer the traveler access to fine dining and good, stout drinks conveniently situated on premises at the resort. This way, those who want to experience traditional Mexican food or an eclectic assortment of world cuisine never have to leave the property. Of course, there are always plenty of other restaurants, bars, and nightclubs located near the major resorts, many within walking distance. Just because you purchase a Puerto Vallarta vacation package does not mean you have to restrict all your activities to those that are included in your price point. You always have the option of enjoying both what is provided for you and what you find on your own.

People who come to Puerto Vallarta to shop in its famous, traditional flea market often remark that vacation packages allow them to spend one fixed amount of money on their travel, lodgings, and entertainment, and then save the rest to purchase art, clothing, and jewelry in the marketplace. This is an excellent way to control spending and still return home with all the memories and trinkets you came here for.

Puerto Vallarta vacations offer you access to the diverse ecosystems of the Bay of Banderas and the Sierra Madre Mountains, and they province you with a first-hand view of real Mexican life. Packages are designed to sit you in the lap of luxury so you can feel like an honored guest while you explore the natural and cultural wonder of this true gem of the Mexican Pacific Coast.