Renting a condo or villa in Puerto Vallarta on your vacation is now becoming a popular choice for some people – especially if you plan to stay in one place for more than a couple of days.

Vacation Rentals in Puerto Vallarta are available in most areas – whether on the beach, near the mountains or in the city – and can be rented for less than what you would pay in a hotel or resort. And you have a choice of daily or weekly rental or monthly basis.

Why Rent in Puerto Vallarta?

Renting in Puerto Vallarta gives you:

  • Flexibility of having a kitchen to cook in instead of having to eat out at every meal
  • Great for families with young children
  • More living space compared to a hotel room
  • Costs less than some hotels and resorts
  • Location might be suitable for your needs
  • Feel less like a tourist and live more like the locals
  • More flexibility with number of people in a rental than a hotel

Puerto Vallarta Rental Companies

There are several companies and agencies that have rental properties all over Puerto Vallarta. Some will even cater to your requirements and will be happy to assist with booking your rental car, car service to and from the airport or other pick up location.

  • PuertoVallarta Escapes – 1 800-259-1786
  • Vallarta Real Estate 1-866-921-7533
  • Puerto Vallarta House Rentals 1-877-875-9877
  • Home Away 1- 877-228-3145
  • Puerto Vallarta Villa Rentals 1-877-473-1946

Tips on Renting in Puerto Vallarta

Do not believe everything you see on the web. Some photos posted of properties may not entirely be accurate. Check web recommendations from other people who have stayed there before. Check references if available.

Call the number listed and ask questions about the property. Confirm deposit price and check the cancellation policy.  Ask about amenities that you require.

Always ask for a written confirmation and take with you when you check in.

Renting in Puerto Vallarta is quick and easy once you have made your decision on price and location. Do your research on the web, magazines or travel brochures and you are well on your way to a fun and fabulous vacation in Puerto Vallarta.