Up Close to Art on the Malecón

by Craig Zabransky on August 17, 2012

The malecón is one of the biggest draws in Puerto Vallarta. A stroll along the seaside promenade makes for a perfect way to spend any part of the day. Whether it is to early morning jog or a slow Sunday stroll at sunset, visitors and locals alike spend time on the malecón. And one of my favorite reasons to visit the malecón is to get up close to the art.

On the seaside promenade the art is not in a museum or on a dish (Puerto Vallarta is considered a top gastronomical destination of Mexico) but rather in the open. It is not to just be viewed and appreciated, but also touched. Yes, here you can get your close-up moment with art on the malecón

On my last walk I took numerous photos. I wanted to share a few with you this week. And if there is a sculpture or piece of artwork missing you love, definitely let me know; I’ll make sure I capture it on my next stroll.

no visit to the malecon is complete without a photo of the iconic seahorse

sometimes the art is on the sand against the malecon seawall

the arms are wide open to all in Puerto Vallarta

all photos are from Craig Zabransky and Stay Adventurous Photography

Craig travels around the world to write tales of travel aimed to encourage and inspire others to take and make adventure in their life. And after calling Mexico home for over a year, it secured a special place in his heart. He continues to return often and often considers it his second home. You can find more of his travels on his Stay Adventurous site and follow him on his Twitter: @stayadventurous..
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