ATV Riding in Puerto Vallarta

by Brittany Mignanelli on February 8, 2010

When it comes to vacationing, some enjoy lounging mindlessly by the pool, the most physical activity being a reach for their daiquiri. But where is the real escape for the get up and go crowd?

If you’re someone looking for an adventure, the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden 5-hour ATV tour could satisfy your “call of the wild.” You start off your journey in the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens. Enjoy the view of the lush rain forest and the garden’s colorful orchids. While riding your very own ATV or sharing one with a relative, try to keep your eyes on the road, the gorgeous, natural waterfalls could be distracting.

The first stop on your tour will be to the village of Las Juntas y Veranos where the Don Chendo Tequila Distillery is. You’ll get to learn how tequila is made and taste some local varieties. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…Hey, get back on your ATV!

Next, the tour stops at the Los Veranos petting zoo. You’ll have the opportunity to hold monkeys, a python, and tropical birds. Some other critters include tarantulas and scorpions; but we promise, petting every animal is completely optional.

Finally, you’ll ride to Chico’s Paradise. Hope you remembered your bathing suit! Here, cliff divers will impress you with their best tricks before you take a dip in the river yourself. Enjoy some playtime in the water and take a ride down the waterfall slide.

Although you’ll be wishing this day would never end, your expedition returns to the Botanical Gardens for either lunch or dinner (depending on your tour time) at the Plantation Restaurant.

You can book a tour for either 9:45am or 2:00pm and it’ll run for 5 hours. The price of the tour includes your one or two-person ATV, all of your equipment, entrance to the gardens, petting zoo and the tequila tasting. All you need to bring is a bathing suit, your driver’s license (to be eligible to drive your own ATV), extra money for meals, and of course, a craving for some adventure.

By: Brittany Mignanelli

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