How to Find the Best Spa Deal in Puerto Vallarta

by Laurie Gourley on September 7, 2011

Spa on the beach in Puerto Vallarta
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During my recent vacation to Puerto Vallarta, I made the mistake of booking an expensive spa treatment at my hotel. Only to find out the next day, I could have saved 25% if I had used a coupon from a discount book.

This annoyed me because if I was home I would search for deals.

Don’t repeat my mistake; learn how to find the best spa deals in Puerto Vallarta.

Ask the Receptionist for Unpublished Specials

Most spas won’t tell you they have specials unless you ask. When I visited the Spa at the Marriott in Puerto Vallarta I asked and found out that if I scheduled my massage or facial before 11, I would get a discounted rate. If I had not inquired, I would not have known that I could get a deal based on the time of day.

I now make a habit of asking the spa receptionist if they have any unpublished specials.

Receptionists at a Spa in Puerto Vallarta

Get Advice From Other Guests

You would be surprised at what a wealth of knowledge other guests can be. I found my favorite Puerto Vallarta Spa deal from a woman I meet in the elevator.

She directed me to the Puerto Vallarta Marina where I had a 2 ½ hour massage for only $60.00.

Look for Deals on the Internet

Check the hotel spas web site you will be staying at and browse other spas in Puerto Vallarta. Many spas post internet only specials but make sure you book it before you arrive.

I had found a special and mentioned it only to be told I had to pre-book to get the web only spa deal. Spas will occasionally post discount coupons on travel web sites and activity web sites so you should check them out as well.

Ask the Locals

Who knows the inside scoop better than a local? During a recent trip to Puerto Vallarta I meet an expat at a shop, she not only directed me to a fabulous spa she recommended a spa therapist. You will be surprised how many times asking a local has saved me money.

Book a Puerto Vallarta Spa Package

Most spas in Puerto Vallarta have spa packages; they offer them at a discounted rate. The only downside to getting your spa deal this way is if you don’t like the spa services they have bundled.

Don’t hesitate to ask for the spa manager and see if they would substitute a pedicure for a manicure.

Go to the Marina

Puerto Vallarta Marina at Sunset
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Based on my experience I have found the best spa value to be in the small spa salons at the Puerto Vallarta Marina. The ambiance is not on a par with most spa resorts but the services are just as good if not better.

One of my favorites is the Day Spa Marina Vallarta where I got a 50 minute collagen facial for only $40.00. You can contact them at 322 22 101 76.

Another spa to try is the Millenium Spa Marina Vallarta where I got a 90 minute deep tissue spa massage for only $50.00. Their contact information is 322 22 1218 26. Make sure you bargain because prices in the Marina are negotiable.

Get Coupons From Travel Books at the Airport

Start your bargain hunting at the Puerto Vallarta Airport. I always pick up travel magazines when I first arrive.

You will be surprised to find out how many discount coupons are available throughout these magazines and flyers.

Have you found a great spa deal? What’s your favorite spa in Puerto Vallarta?

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