Important Information on Connecting Flights to Puerto Vallarta (PVR)

by Craig Zabransky on February 23, 2012

The Puerto Vallarta airport, PVR, provides access to two world class destinations; Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit. Millions of visitors each year visit these pacific seaside paradises and pass through the airport with ease. You will too.

Direct Flight to PVR

Who doesn’t prefer a direct flight, and the small, efficient airport in Puerto Vallarta offers many.  Multiple cities in both the Unites States and Canada offer plenty with even more added in the winter “high season” months.

In fact, Virgin offered a new direct flight to meet the demand for this growing destination. But, if you can’t find direct flights, don’t be afraid to transfer through Mexico City. From New York, it’s usually the flight I select.

Connecting Flights Through Mexico City

Mexico City Airport Terminal 2

Sometimes flights connect via Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta. Don’t worry it’s easy. Benito Juarez, the airport in the capital city, is first class. And if you connect through it, there are two things you must know.

1) You will pass through customs and need to collect your baggage to recheck (just steps after passing customs) and

2) There are two main terminals  (1 and 2) that don’t connect by foot. You can’t walk between them.

Flights on Delta and Aero Mexico are in Terminal 2 and most other airlines in Terminal 1. A transfer exists between terminals on a bus outside or a “monorail-style” tram. However, you will most likely only need to change terminals if you mix and match airlines through a discount site on-line booking. To be safe, make sure you research what terminal and also allow transfer time and customs too.

if you connect, you will arrive as "llegades nacionales

Duty Free in Puerto Vallarta

I watch people who seemed surprised at the Duty Free process. Two things you must remember when buying.

1) You need to buy when flying internationally. If you are connecting to Mexico City, it’s in Mexico City you buy your Tequila.

2) Many flights connect in the United States (including some to Canada). Many travel and transfer planes through Houston (Continental / Untied) or Phoenix (US Air) or elsewhere. If so, you will need to pack your duty free (liquids) in to your packed luggage after customs before you recheck them. (don’t worry they don’t weigh it again)

For more flight information, visit Vallarta Flights Information page.

Photos: Craig Zabransky

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