Puerto Vallarta is more than Margaritas it has mature Eco-tourism options

by Craig Zabransky on October 22, 2012

Nestled along the the Bay of Banderas with the Sierra Madre mountain backdrop it’s easy to find the beauty of nature and eco-diversity in Puerto Vallarta. In one visit any traveler can rainforests, jungle, lagoons, pristine beaches, waterfalls, and majestic mountains.  

One of the most popular and well-known activities is the annual nesting of sea turtles.  From August to November conservation efforts through special programs allow guests and visitors to experience what it is like to assist and help the once low population of turtles.

Recently, escorted tours of El Salado Sanctuary, a protected area of 415 acres, just two miles from Puerto Vallarta’s International airport are available. Home to hundreds of species the conservation efforts are dedicated to the ecological rehabilitation, research and protection of the area’s ecosystem. The sanctuary consists of mangrove and marsh vegetation, a unique eco-system to Puerto Vallarta.

In San Sebastian, a self-sustained project, the Potrero de Mulas project, protects and conserves an area that offers rustic and unique accommodations with low environmental impact. From here visitors can enjoy nature walks, camping, zip lining, bird watching, bow hunting, and mountain biking.

And probably the most popular in the high season is when the Humpack Whales join the tourists and flock to Puerto Vallarta to enjoy the warmer waters of the Bay of Banderas and escape the colder winter up north.  The more than five thousand mile migration is still one of the most magical on earth and visitors can see the whales in the Bay and along the forty beaches in the area.

Yes, a trip to Puerto Vallarta is definitely more than margaritas, afternoons poolside, fine dining and vibrant nightlife. It allows visitors to spend time with and watching the magic of nature. So on your next trip make sure you check out some of these wonders and let us know your favorite.

Photos: Turtles at Sunset – Courtesy of the Sociedad Ecologica de Occidente. 

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