Puerto Vallarta For the Single Vacationer

by Brittany Mignanelli on April 7, 2010

For some, the promise of an exciting vacation fling is the best part about travelling. I mean what single person wouldn’t want a romantic little rendezvous while in a beautiful, exotic place? We’ve compiled a list of some places where you can find that special someone on your trip.

1. Have a Need for Speed

Try speed dating! Quickly find someone cute to hang with on your vacation. Try the Oceanside Dating Club, held several nights a week. This speed-dating service has a set price and includes a couple of drinks for the night. It’s an easy, fun way to meet new people.

2. Hop Around

Go bar hopping one night. Try one of Puerto Vallarta’s many dance clubs; a fun and flirty environment to meet someone new. Popular hangouts include Senor Frogs, La Vaquita, Mandala, Hilo, The Zoo, etc. Shimmy up to someone cute and leave your heart on the dance floor!

3. Be Adventurous

Puerto Vallarta has many different zip lining tours that take you through the lush forest canopies while you’re flying through the air. Many people will come on these tours in groups of friends so it’s a great way to meet that new special someone and all of their buddies too. And, all of that adrenaline pumping might make you extra courageous.

4. Get In the Game

Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are covered with beach volleyball nets, and playing sports is a great way to meet people. Join in on the game and you’re sure to get acquainted with your teammates and get competitive with the other team while showing off your skills.

5. Keep Your Eyes Open

Take one of Puerto Vallarta’s hiking and birding tours. They give you the opportunity to see over 350 species of birds, iguanas and monkeys. It’s a great escape from the beach and another one of those good group-meeting spots. Grab a pair of binoculars and start looking for love.

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