Savoring the Sunsets of Puerto Vallarta

by Craig Zabransky on July 10, 2011

The sunset. For me it’s special, magical in fact. It happens every day and everywhere across the globe. I often witness it and then write about it. And I can also tell you, Puerto Vallarta has more than its share of beautiful ones.

Whether it is the sunset from any of the forty beaches around Vallarta or from Banderas Bay itself, the moment provides for special memories on any trip to Puerto Vallarta. So, take the time one evening to enjoy the day ending dip if not on all your evenings.

I watched many on location and have some of my favorites. I present to you three, but I want to hear aobut your favorite spot. Tell us where you think is the must see sunset in Puerto Vallarta.

Playa de los Muertos.

cervezas at playa de los muertos...

One of the most festive sunsets is on the sands of Playa de Los Muertos. The beach just down from the charming cobble stone streets of the Zona Romantica is a great place take in the view.  Just sit down at a Talapa, sip a cerveza, and watch the sun dip listening to the beach combing Mariachi bands.

The beach at Buenaventura Grand

the beaches at the Buenaventura Grand

Sometimes places just tell you ‘watch the sunset here’ and The Buenaventura Grand is one of those places. A short walk from the center of town, the hotel operates the aptly named Sunset Restaurant. There the views of the sunset on the bay enhance your delicious dinner. But for me when the sun dipped, I headed out to sands for my moment.

Returning from Banderas Bay

returning to the marina...

After an adventure packed full day excursion we pulled back into the Marina just as the sun set. From the front of the boat, I turned around to capture this image. It marked  the perfect ending for the perfect day.

Again, these are three of my special Puerto Vallarta sunsets I savor, what are yours?

Photos: All three photos by Craig Zabransky

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