Where to Swim with the Dolphins in Puerto Vallarta

by Brittany Mignanelli on February 1, 2010

puerto vallarta dolphins

Not enough water at the beach and the pool? Well, that’s hard to believe; but if you’re looking for some extra excitement and even more water, there’s a place you’ve got to visit on your Puerto Vallarta vacation. Aquaventuras Park is a 15-acre water park that has fun for the whole family.

However, this won’t be your typical water park experience. Along with several pool areas, ten toboggan water slides and a relaxing lazy river, Aquaventuras has some pretty talented creatures that you may want to meet. That’s right, you can get both an adventurous day at the park as well as the ever-popular dolphin encounter that so many vacationers enjoy. But, if you’ve already gotten kisses from dolphins, how about giving sea lions a try? At Aquaventuras, you have the opportunity to swim with both of these amazing animals.

So, when you’re done speeding down water slides and swimming with dolphins and sea lions, head on over to the sea lion show at 12:30 pm and the dolphin show at 1:00. These adorable, aquatic performers live to make you laugh with their outrageous stunts.

My biggest tip for your Aquaventuras day? Don’t forget your camera. This is one Puerta Vallarta experience that you’ll want to remember forever!

By: Brittany Mignanelli

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