Tasting the Tacos of Puerto Vallarta.

by Craig Zabransky on March 25, 2011

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Tacos, tacos, and more tacos. For me, tacos are reason enough to travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In town, visitors can taste many different types of tacos; the classy, the adventurous, and the classic. I know tried them all, and more.

the Classy

The menu doesn’t classify them as Tacos, but have you ever had “Escamoles?” Known as Mexican caviar, the classy dish is essentially Ant Eggs.

The Conde Nast Traveler’s Hot Listed restaurant, Cafe Des Artistes, serves them with a warm tortilla and when a plate arrived to our table, I scooped the insect eggs inside a tortilla. I made myself a taco. I took a bite. Yum. But what dish doesn’t delight the palette at Cafe des Artistes.

Escamoles - Mexican Caviar, pass me a Tortilla

the Adventurous

For the adventurous eater, I recommend cricket tacos. Here you don’t just taste the eggs, but the whole crispy insect. More protein, right?

At the Mexican restaurant El Arrayan in the heart of downtown visitors find Mexican cuisine from all over the country, and the Chapulines Tacos from Oaxaca are a favorite.

Most people share an order and try one taco.  I split an order with a table of journalists. Ah, writers are always looking for the next story and the next adventure. Here you find it in the tacos.

The Cricket Tacos from El Arrayan.

the classic

Puerto Vallarta holds a well deserved reputation as a dining destination. Consistently considered the best in Mexico outside the capital city, yet to gain my approval of such status, the street side tacos needed to be tasted.

So, on my last day in town, I decided to walk from my hotel towards town center in search for street tacos. I began my trek some time before noon and most restaurants were not yet open on Sunday, but the carts were sizzling.

A side street contained four different carts, all with different type of tacos. From seafood to meat, most anything can be made into a taco. I stepped up and ordered two tacos (un chorizo y una asada) with a coke (I love it in a glass bottle). It was a perfect way to end my trip in Puerto Vallarta. I ended with a taste of Mexico to take home and remind me, Tacos are truly a reason to come to Puerto Vallarta.

Good Price and Good Eatin'

So what’s your favorite Type of Taco in Puerto Vallarta?

All Photos by Craig Zabransky

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