Tequila Drinks to Order in Puerto Vallarta

by Craig Zabransky on January 19, 2012

I normally drink tequila straight. I sip it (most times). That’s my choice, but cocktails exist. Good cocktails too. So when you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta, a seaside town that resides in the state of Jalisco (the birthplace of tequila) it is time to taste a few.

Wake Up to a Tequila Sunrise

I like to see the sunsets, and sunsets of Puerto Vallarta delight. But when it comes to a cocktail, I’ll drink a sunrise. Usually ordered at brunch, the Tequila Sunrise appears on tables many hours after the sun appears in the sky.  The multicolored, layered drink resembles what a sunrise would look like if you woke up early enough to see it.

the tequila sunrise; stir before you sip.

Three simple ingredients; grenadine, orange juice, and tequila make the cocktail. But if you want something closer to “home,” you can always order the ‘Bloody Maria.’ You guessed it, you just substitute of tequila for the vodka.

An Afternoon Margarita

The most popular tequila drink, the margarita, contains just three ingredients; tequila, triple sec and lime juice with the option of a salted or unsalted glass. The ratios vary depending on the bar or bartender and whether you select frozen or on the rocks.

However, the most important ingredient is not the tequila. The ingredient to ask about is the lime juice. Is it freshly squeezed? If it is, I order it (with a favorite tequila) on the rocks, and if it’s not (and you still want one) frozen might be the better call.

Frozen - if the lime juice isn't fresh squeezed or I'm poolside

Variations of themMargarita, such as mango, strawberry, etc… do appear on menus too, but it’s the lime, salt, and tequila that make it Mexican. So when in Puerto Vallarta, do what the Mexicans do – you will not be disappointed.

La Paloma or Tequila Refresca

Most times I find myself with straight tequila on the nights out on the town. But in night clubs or to just slow down the intake, you can order a La Paloma. It’s grapefruit soda (or Squirt), ice, tequila and a squeeze of lime.

After sunset, besides a straight tequila, this is really the only way you’ll find men drinking tequila. The colorful or blender drinks seem to be no longer an option for the locals, but don’t worry, for you anything goes when you are on holiday.

Those are a few tequila cocktails to try, which is your favorite?

 All photos by Craig Zabransky


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