The Old Town Farmers’ Market

by Craig Zabransky on January 5, 2011

Market is now open to 2am

Open for its second season, the Farmers’ Market of Puerto Vallarta continues to grow and attract weekend shoppers.

Located in the heart of Old Town’s zona romantica, the doors open to the public every Saturday from 10am-2pm. Now with over fifty vendors, both locals and tourists shop to find the freshest produce, speciality handmade crafts, and delicious lunchtime delicacies.

Once inside the sights and smells of fruits, vegetables, herbs, coffee and organic products engage the senses. Tables filled with homemade humus, salsa, and chocolates entice with free or reasonably priced sample sizes. Other vendors sell artisan crafts perfect for that different type of souvenir.

And for the hungry, many local restaurants set up tables to offer lunchtime favorites. Dishes include Thai food, Italian specialties, barbecued sandwiches, and tasty tamales.

fresh handmade tortillas. Yum.

The Farmers’ Market in Old Town provides tourists a chance to see a different Mexico too. Whether you laugh alongside the animated Italian brothers of Bella Napoli, stumble on a commerce conversation between a local Asian restaurateur and a peanut grower, or just chat with a few locals, visitors enjoy the Puerto Vallarta community in action.

Depending on shopping habits, travelers can breeze through quaint market in under an hour, yet most locals spend longer. They tend to sit and unwind at the available open tables and chairs. The citizens take a moment to discuss potential purchases, eat lunch or even just converse among friends about the week listening to the provided live music.

So for a break from the heat on Saturday, consider stopping by the local Farmers’ Market for a unique Puerto Vallarta experience.

a chance to watch the market goers and growers...

The Old Town Farmers’ Market is located just one block from the popular “Playa de los Muertos” beach at Pulpito #127, Colonia Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta. For additional details you can contact the market through its website.

Photos by: Craig Zabransky

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