The Rooftops of Puerto Vallarta

by Craig Zabransky on June 15, 2012

Puerto Vallarta has many accessible rooftops. Situated up against the Sierra Madre mountains and the beaches on the Bay of Banderas rooftops offer amazing vistas for enjoying breathtaking views. It is part of the romance of the seaside city and as a visitor I recommend you take advantage.

The Rooftop at Hotel Catedral

Hotel Catedral recently renovated its rooftop and opened it to its guests. Normally, I enjoy watching the sunset from the beach in Puerto Vallarta, but one night I decided to take in the view on the hotel rooftop. Stunning. As mother nature began her show, the sky started to turn colors and I fixated on the iconic cathedral crown that the hotel is named for. It’s a great view.

rooftop of hotel catedral

the view of the city and its iconic crown. source: Craig Zabransky

Amapas and the Vista Grill

On my recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, I accepted an invitation to attend a “fiesta” in a local neighborhood away from the beach called Amapas. The condos and apartments are located high up and close to the mountains above Playa de los Muertos. They offer spectacular views. But since I got lost in transit, I stopped for a refreshment at the Vista Grill restaurant.  Here the view is just as good as any of the apartments and its open to the public for dining and drinks. As I sipped my chelada (beer with lime juice, ice cubes, and salt), I watched a whale swim across the bay in the distance. Beautiful.

view of the bay from vista grill, puerto vallarta

the view with my chelada. source: Craig Zabransky)

A Private Rooftop at Las Majahuitas

At the secluded resort of Las Majahuitas located  a few towns south of Puerto Vallarta guests each have their own casita with open outdoor views. But for the rooftop, you hike further up the hill to visit “el mirador,” (the look out). At the top of a mountain the resort essentially built a “rooftop” and placed a few hammocks too for passing the day. From here you can see deep into the bay and often catch the local pirate ship as it comes to use the public beach near the resort.

el mirador at las majahuitas

el mirador at las majahuitas. (source: Craig Zabransky)

Those are just a sampling of the many rooftop view in Puerto Vallarta. If you know of any and want to share them, please let us know.

Photos: All by Craig Zabransky


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