Wednesday Night Historic Center Art Walk (with Complimentary Cocktails)

by Craig Zabransky on January 19, 2011

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The cobble stone streets of Puerto Vallarta’s downtown Centro Historico (Historic Center) provide the perfect setting for an evening stroll. A walk through the neighborhood, the seaside malecón, or a visit to the iconic Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe offers visitors a true taste of Mexico and the vibe of Puerto Vallarta.

I recommend it on any night, but if you like art, make it a Wednesday.

Every Wednesday from Oct 27-May 25th fourteen galleries open their doors for the – Historic Center Art Walk. From 6pm-10pm one of Mexico’s most dynamic art scenes is at your fingertips with complimentary cocktails. The diversity of exhibits include powerful paintings, fine ceramics, textiles and splendid sculptures. Art enjoyed in all its creative forms.

a sample of the art you can find...

At times, visitors can meet the local artists and discuss all types of work; the comforting, the confusing, and the charismatic. Some pieces people understand immediately, other times it might be best to order that next cocktail for clarity.

It’s not just tourists either. Locals attend and it’s never hard to find someone to discuss the deeper meaning of a display, offer an opinion, or locate that signature piece for your living room at home.

Entrance and cocktails are free at every stop and all the galleries are easily accessible on foot. So whether the plan is to visit one or all fourteen, the Historic Center Art Walk can make for a great midweek night out.

A map of the Historic Center that includes all fourteen galleries can be found here.

Photo by Craig Zabransky

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